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The humble SMS campaign, Or Why I Should Be Texting

SMS campaigns are often avoided because they’re usually seen as being “spammy”. However, if it’s approached and carried out...

10 top digital marketing tips for Christmas 2020

Now that it’s officially November, it’s now ok(ish) to talk about Christmas. For retailers with an online presence, it is...

Segmentation Strategies for Super-Targeted Email Marketing

The first thing we do in the morning is check our emails. We're looking for urgent work alerts, general family news, but...

Bold, Italics and Underlines: How to Use Them Effectively?

"Should I use bold or italics for this text? I'm confused!” Many have wondered about this in while writing a blog post? I'm sure...

Attracting and converting with a lead magnet

Data will soon be worth its size in gold. There are so many ways to collect client information. From competition mechanics,...

Why You Need Buyer Personas To Level Up Sales And Marketing

A buyer persona is a fictitious enactment of the ideal client /customer based on market and trend research.
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