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Above and beyond specialising in inbound marketing, Velocity Media also has its own online platforms – and – that not only serves as another advertising opportunity for our clients, but also provides our readers, followers and visitors with the latest and relevant entertainment and information about the city. and logos

At the time of writing, we have sent out nearly 800 issues of weekly newsletters to our loyal subscribers. These newsletters are beautifully designed and filled to the brim with interesting and exciting content pertaining to the city of Johannesburg. 

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All content is tackled from a lifestyle angle, offering the latest in restaurant, hospitality and entertainment news. 

An Engaging Audience and are the go-to sites in Johannesburg and Pretoria covering entertainment, food, property, retail and everything lifestyle that make up these two cosmopolitans.

Explore - 250 000 Subscribers provides a platform for advertisers to reach a large audience who trust what we have to say and act on our advice. Our job is to help readers live their ultimate lives in the city in which they live and love.

Explore - 50 000 Subscribers is your one-stop destination for the latest reviews, interesting articles and business listings. We are dedicated to finding the best restaurants, events and activities for locals, visitors and travellers to experience, visit and explore the beautiful city of Pretoria. / products include:

  • Advertorials / Native Content
  • Newsletter Inclusions or Sponsorships (Combined Database of 300k subscribers)
  • Banner Display on Site
  • Promo Emails
  • Targeted Social Media Campaigns
  • Targeted Email Campaigns
  • Lead Generation 
  • Competitions

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A Trusted B2C Brand

From tip-top travel packages to leading skincare products, we have built out niches in every direction (and segmented engaged audiences within those respective vocations). 

Both and have proven track records of marketing goods and services that our audiences are truly interested in. 

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By analysing data and utilising our knowledge of marketing automation, we have been able to segment our bases by individual wants and needs. As an example, we are able to market a holiday in Zanzibar to members of our audience who have shown interest in articles about travel, be it weekend getaways nearby or cheap flights abroad. 

Being able to do this has given and that sought-after title of 'trusted brand'. 

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A Strong Social Media Following

Over the years we have won over our fair share of likes and follows on all three major social media platforms.

Facebook: 91 000
Instagram: 44 000
Twitter: 26 000

Facebook: 29 000
Instagram: 3 500
Twitter: 240 000 (nope, that's not a typo ;))

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