SalesForce Einstein Vs HubSpot ChatSpot

Tech giants are in a race to make chatbots with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) that are smarter and more useful every day. AI has been added to the systems of the two biggest CRM companies. We compare SalesForce Einstein and HubSpot ChatSpot in this article.


Covered in this article:

The Rise Of AI
Predictive Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Salesforce’s Einstein GPT
HubSpot’s ChatSpot

The Rise Of AI

If data is the new gold, then AI is right at the coalface of mining it. OpenAI’s GPT-4 is the latest iteration of its ChatGPT launched late last year, which made waves, particularly regarding the future of human labour in the fields of journalism, healthcare, and education. 

Deep learning algorithms are changing and growing in ways that mimic the way humans learn. GPT-4 is better than the reasoning-prone ChatGPT because it is less likely to give insulting or wrong answers to questions. However, it is not yet 100% error-free; it may still give strange answers, called "hallucinations." Google is adding its own beta generative AI to its Workspace apps.

AI will be used more and more in CRM, which is a good thing. It will add more depth and machine-learning (ML) perception to the predictive analysis and actionable insights that companies use to learn more about their customers.

CRM vendors need to keep up with the changes in the tech world, which are happening quickly, by integrating AI and ML tools into their business. The four properties in the driving seat of AI-powered CRMS are discussed below.

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AI in CRMs is a game changer, improving on the already high levels of forecasting, prediction and deeper dives into sales metrics. The ability to predict the future makes companies lean, mean and nimble, increasing their ability to stay ahead by adapting and planning. The blending of AI and CRMs fine-tunes the marketing and delivery of the right product to the right customer at the right time, across the right channel in the correct way.

By automating customer support and optimising human resources, costs are reduced, sales are boosted, and customers are consistently delighted across all touchpoints and interactions. The four properties in the driving seat of AI-powered CRMS are


ML is the branch of AI that enables apps to increase their accuracy at implicitly forecasting outcomes without explicit instructions to do so. ML algorithms input historical data to forecast new output values, and ML is key to obtaining an immersive 360-degree optic of customer behaviour trends. ML also underpins new product development.

Predictive Analysis

The predictive analysis approach leverages historical data, statistical modelling and data mining to spotlight potential business risks and opportunities. It is useful in strategic business planning and customer interactions by assisting organisations fine-tune decision-making and applies their assets to the most valuable action course at every level of business.  


Automation in CRM works by programming automatic customer and service tasks, so that work teams are able to concentrate on tracking and directing their engagement with existing and future customers. Sales teams are then freed from redundant prospecting with complex workflow automation, enabling them to make intricate decisions using advanced analytics and easily collaborate with marketing teams.

Sentiment Analysis

Also referred to as emotion AI and opinion mining, sentiment analysis analytically detects, mines, measures and scrutinises subjective data and customer emotional states, from pleasure to annoyance, to provide insight into how clients feel about products and services. It does this via biometrics, computational linguistics, text analysis and natural language processing, surfing the channels of social media, email, live chat, and phone calls.


Salesforce’s Einstein GPT

Now, let's look at Salesforce's Einstein GPT, which is one of the generative AI for CRM apps. This product uses real-time data from the cloud to create AI-made content for sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT. Einstein GPT combines ChatGPT technology with internal AI to extract, synchronize, and align customer databases. Versions include out-of-the-box or external models, which both use natural language prompts to make content that fits changing customer needs.

Some examples of applications are customised emails, personalised responses for service teams to use when answering questions, campaign content that is designed to get more people to respond, and code that is automatically made for coders. Einstein's automation of predictive technology uses software for sales, customer service, marketing, and developers. There are features like auto-scheduling meetings, surfacing end users' actions, and language modelling. These help make the customer experience more AI-driven and customer-centric.

Using intelligent case classifications, next-best actions, recommendations, and customer/partner satisfaction metrics, the software looks at past customer interactions to learn how to improve customer relationships and put leads in order of importance. As smart bots answer simple questions so that humans can handle more complicated ones, scaling customer service becomes next-level, which improves productivity and the bottom line.

HubSpot’s ChatSpot

Next, we'll look at ChatSpot from HubSpot. This is the latest version of generative AI. It lets you combine your HubSpot data with ML power to make a powerful AI-powered tool for the next step in the evolution of business tools that help businesses grow.

With ChatSpot, you can use chat instructions to do everything you can do in HubSpot, but the gear is no longer in neutral. ChatSpot speeds up HubSpot processes so that they only take a small fraction of the time you're used to. Reliable functionality that can be used in the moment has just been added to the CRM building.

This tool lets you quickly add new contacts, pull reports, send email replies, and set up new segments. This frees up your time and energy so you can focus on what makes your company grow. It's easy—just type the information about new contacts or companies into the chat bar and sit back while ChatSpot finds the right properties and fills them in. ChatSpot makes it easy for you to do less data entry, so you can focus on turning leads into customers.

ChatSpot has built-in integration features that make it easy to add contacts and companies to the CRM and make compelling custom reports for all your sales, marketing, and customer service needs. Emails that are tailored to the people who will read them arrive on time and work well. ChatSpot makes it easy to add interesting pictures to blog posts.

ChatSpot is a great replacement for ChatGPT, but it is not a copy of it. It makes adding and viewing HubSpot data in the CRM much easier than it used to be. Natural language processing makes it easier to do things like schedule tasks and make reports. ChatSpot shows up on time, fully understands what you want, and gets to work in milliseconds, ready to give you what you want.

Business ideas are put into action right away – ChatSpot quickly makes new reports about the performance of your sales reps and your traffic. These reports are based on your HubSpot CRM datasets and are topped with predictive analysis.

Need some ideas for writing killer emails? ChatSpot can write the first draft for you, as well as keep the text in follow-up emails to prospects, thank-you notes that last, and marketing campaign emails interesting, and that's just the beginning.

ChatSpot turns your reports into either Google Slide presentations or Google Sheets files right away, depending on what you want. You no longer have to wait in line to copy and paste information and exports. ChatSpot does the hard work for you. The best thing about ChatSpot is that it's free, though you can only use it so much each month.

Because ChatSpot is such a new piece of technology, it is up to the user to follow the rules and laws of their country regarding data privacy and management, in addition to the HubSpot Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and terms of service. A HubSpot partner like Velocity will walk you through the process, letting you watch as your bottom line grows in leaps and bounds with ChatSpot-infused powerhouse robotics.

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