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Breaking Down The Marketing Funnel

The best way to shape up your business's sales and marketing strategy is by fleshing out a marketing funnel. The hard and fast...

The Effectiveness of Email Marketing

At Velocity Media we are big believers in the power of email marketing - not only because it is the foundation of our inbound...

What Is A CRM SystemAnd Why Should I Be Using It?

It's always better to retain a current customer than it is to sign up a new one. And to stay on top of this you need a powerful...

The How And Why Of Creating Landing Pages

As you browse and maneuver around the internet, you visit landing pages all the time.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Landing Pages

Sure, anybody can slap together a landing page and call it a day. But it should be said that not all landing pages are created...

Powering B2C Marketing Automation With Top Software Tools

B2C marketers are hard to find and are few and far between. But there is a solution to all of this. B2C Marketing automation...
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